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ASC Anti-Acne Series

Acne Skin Care

This FARAH ASC Anti-Acne series has been completed and newly design for impure and seborrhea intend skin.
The innovation is the sebum regulator ASEBIOL T2, being a compound of all products of this series, except the ASC Peel Off Mask.
Thus an optimum effect of the complete treatment can be guaranteed.
Impurities necessitate a consequent and intense care.
This ASC series balances problematic oil skin. Face appearance is improved is improved, complexion is purified and obtains a matt finish. Sebaceous secretion is balanced. In order to avoid build-ups of sebaceous secretion and horny cells in the pores, a consequent home care with the ASC products is unconditionally necessary.
Skin type: Oily, acne, dry, and sensitive skin.

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